Tuesday, 19 October 2010

painting skulls, dreaming skulls, eating skulls?

Wow the past month has been hectic. Starting second year in university has definitely got the better of my time. On average spending 10hrs (at least in the past week) a day five days a week at the studio, and it's been emjoyable (and hard work). Obviously nothing can start out without a little drama so in the first week the ceiling in the studio fell through - who said stress isn't good for the mind and soul? So I moved studios for the time being. Hurling 8ft by 4ft pieces of ply wood down 5 floors definitely wasn't the highlight. By the second week my project had gotten underway - many skull (you might of guessed) studies done at the museum and mini sketchbook with skull paintings done with minimal marks from a palette knife. Week three and I had to give my seminar on Pop Art and Consumerism - normally you do seminars half way through the year, but no no mine was obviously first, just 3 days before my first assessment. That week I did two skull studies - one quite laborious and the other much faster with more gestural strokes! (blah blah blah) any way, here's my first one - much more my style of painting than the latter. Painted with oil on canvas using squared brushes.

I had my assessment this morning 9.30 - 12.30 for the entire group of just 12 students. I was second - by the end my brain had turned to mush. In spite of which I had to go to my lecture on Reading an Image based on an art theorist *well...I can't remember his name*. My crit went well despite all my apprehensions I had considered and/or looked at all the information they had given me leading me to have a comment on my assessment sheet such as 'well researched art school history'. I took the rest of the day off, I pretty much rendered myself useless after 4hrs of information.

In other news, I decorated my room - and I still don't have a laptop so there will be very irregular posting from me. Sincere apologies.

ahhh stripey walls. Sure that's Sebastian.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Minority Pastime Trailer April '10 from Minority Pastime on Vimeo.

Even though I haven't blogged in a month for various reasons, I found this scouring tumblr and it needs to be shared.

If you're a lover of animals, a vegan, a protester - a law abiding citizen, watch this and make a difference. In relation to the Tories wanting to reverse the law against foxhunting in England and Wales. Fox hunting season is due to start soon, and you can help.

Monday, 12 July 2010

of pears and figs

My friend Myles has a solo project that he'll soon be releasing an EP for. We got chatting about t-shirt designs and stuff and I had a couple of hours free before heading out so I drew this for him.

Turns out he liked it a whole bunch so might use it somewhere! Keep checking for updates on his music.

catch up

No laptop means no blogging. Being summer so much has happened and I haven't had a place to document it all. For now I've pinched Emma's laptop and Anita & Molly's photos of my time in the US. Apparently the photo updater has changed so these photos are in no particular order.

The weirdest trash can I've ever seen.

Brand new Vans. From a brand new store on Harvard Ave called Orchid, they have a skate ramp in there and a gallery upstairs. You should definitely go, really nice guys.

Times Square. As beautiful as it looks in terms of colour it's the most stressful place. I can only spend limited amounts of time here.

Just before we headed out to see Taking Back Sunday! Such an amazing show with the original members!

6 Flags! Better than 1 Flag.

Probably the best Sushi I've ever had at this place! We asked the very nervous waiter to take our photo!

Statue of Liberty from the Statten Island Ferry. Obiously this is fisheye..we were much closer to it than this!

Never too old.

Our band photographer Erik.

One of my favourite T-shirts.

After a long day of thrifting you just have to get pizza. And if you're vegan like me then you can get a whole pizza to yourself with no cheese but mushrooms and eggplant for just $8!

Outside old City Hall in Boston - there were feet marks where I stood saying 'Stand Here' I'm guessing it's because it makes for awesome fisheye photos!

Yeah my hair is pretty bright.

Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA. Good day!

Being all kinds of metal \mm/

Our trip to JFK library and museum! Before we headed in we sat in the park & pier area eating our salad lunches! It was so hot this day!

Times Square in M&M World!

Our friend Nicole and her boyfriend Chris (who we stayed with in NY) had the cutest two kittens! Skittles and Lula. This is Lula...don't be mistaken...he's a boy!

Colourful breakfast! Fruit Loops.

At the end of the JKF library. The View that Kennedy loved - looking over to Boston Harbour.

Anita had blue Jell-O for breakfast!

Despite how it looks, it was super hot this day! Although the water was bitter!

The first week we took a walk to Harvard Square for some lunch at Veggie Planet and to check out some cool stores there. On our way we spotted this guy on the bridge...it was hot but raining this day. Apparently some kids had already tried to push him in!

Stoked on life.

Ground Zero. It's weird - I thought I'd have this great sense of gloom come over me, but there's nothing around this area that suggests so much tragedy happened here. No flowers or notes pinned to the fencing. It just looks like a construction site. Apparently the memorial was meant to be opened July 2009, yet there is absolutely no signs of it even being started. Although just days after we left NY the Queen was there to open the plans for the memorial!

In possibly one of my favourite vegan restaurants n the entire world! Foodswings! If you're ever in NY and want to take a small trip to Brooklyn definitely go to Williamsburg and definitely spend sometime on Bedford St and EAT HERE! amazing food!

Siq rides.

Saw this beauty outside the F.R.I.E.N.D.S apartments! Adorable little place!

Beach Babes!

6 Flags! Batman Swings!

Band Promo. Check us out at http://www.superawesomemega!.com/

Gothem. This building is just outside Boston Public Library on Boylston St...I think it looks like something from Batman!

The birds on Boston Common were eating Preztel Rods out of our hands! There were hundreds of them. Pretty pigeons!

Boston Public Library

Flapjack (Ginger) and Starlight...parents to be.

Ah very picture heavy! I'm sure they'll be more updates! There are so many photos on my phone not to mention disposable cameras! Yeesh!