Tuesday, 19 October 2010

painting skulls, dreaming skulls, eating skulls?

Wow the past month has been hectic. Starting second year in university has definitely got the better of my time. On average spending 10hrs (at least in the past week) a day five days a week at the studio, and it's been emjoyable (and hard work). Obviously nothing can start out without a little drama so in the first week the ceiling in the studio fell through - who said stress isn't good for the mind and soul? So I moved studios for the time being. Hurling 8ft by 4ft pieces of ply wood down 5 floors definitely wasn't the highlight. By the second week my project had gotten underway - many skull (you might of guessed) studies done at the museum and mini sketchbook with skull paintings done with minimal marks from a palette knife. Week three and I had to give my seminar on Pop Art and Consumerism - normally you do seminars half way through the year, but no no mine was obviously first, just 3 days before my first assessment. That week I did two skull studies - one quite laborious and the other much faster with more gestural strokes! (blah blah blah) any way, here's my first one - much more my style of painting than the latter. Painted with oil on canvas using squared brushes.

I had my assessment this morning 9.30 - 12.30 for the entire group of just 12 students. I was second - by the end my brain had turned to mush. In spite of which I had to go to my lecture on Reading an Image based on an art theorist *well...I can't remember his name*. My crit went well despite all my apprehensions I had considered and/or looked at all the information they had given me leading me to have a comment on my assessment sheet such as 'well researched art school history'. I took the rest of the day off, I pretty much rendered myself useless after 4hrs of information.

In other news, I decorated my room - and I still don't have a laptop so there will be very irregular posting from me. Sincere apologies.

ahhh stripey walls. Sure that's Sebastian.